Purpose Story

The Beginning..

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I spent the better part of my young professional career working in non-profit as a communications professional. Though I landed what I thought was my dream job at an early age, I felt that I was constantly waiting for the "next big thing" to make me feel happy and fulfilled. With every acquirement of the "next big thing," I felt a quick burst of excitement, energy, and temporary fulfillment, before quickly going back to the unhappy and unfulfilled state that I was in before.

I associated my self-worth and my identity with the success of my career, materialistic possessions and finances. My ambition was solely based on what I can acquire more than I can give or how I can serve others. I considered this type of hustle and burnt-out lifestyle to be just a "means to an end."

The Turning Point..

In a nutshell, I became so disconnected from myself that I forgot who I was and what truly made me happy, in the process.

In an attempt to curb my anxiety and calm my mind, I decided to resign from my job one day and move overseas (Crazy Right!). I remember telling myself that if I wanted to find true fulfillment and meaning in life, I first had to find me. So, I left my comfort zone for adventures of the unknown.

Soon enough, I started to document my journey in my first blog “Distinctive Female” that was attracting over 1,000 hits per month and self-published my first book “Dreams of Joy: Discovering an Unfailing God and his Unfailing Love.”  I was on a mission to help other women and girls to live a more fulfilled life and find their purpose as I found mine.

I realized in those moments that the only person responsible for my fulfillment in this life was me. I could either continue to "drift" through life, avoiding uncomfortable change or, I could take control of my own life, change my mindset and redefine success on my terms. I didn't want to live an anxious, overwhelmed and unfulfilled life anymore. I knew God had more for me. I knew I was born to impact and serve others. I knew the gifts he has given me was not on accident. 

The Transition..


I began doing the hard and sought out resources, mentors and even coaches that helped me overcome fears, remove self-doubt and quiet my inner critic. I was able to release past experiences that - at a subconscious level - was preventing me from feeling worthy or deserving of making the change I wanted to make in my life. I removed habits, activities, people, and beliefs that no longer served me. I began to feel more connected, aligned and in-tuned with the life I wanted to live and create. Relationships improved, my stress and anxiety decreased, I experienced a greater level of energy, love, joy, and excitement for life and I began to see (and witness) my limitless capabilities.

I had begun to realize that true fulfillment comes when you start your work from the inside, seek God for your identity, prioritize self-care and wellness. Only then are we in a position to excel in our career, relationships, health, mindset and everything else in between. 

From that point I made it my absolute mission to help individuals (particularly women & girls) + organizations get clear on their purpose in order to share their message with the world. 


When you heal yourself, you heal the collective
— Unknown

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