5 Books Every Single, Christian Woman Should Read!

Hi Lovely! 

I was single for five years before I married my now husband, Michael! During that season, I learned so much about my purpose, convictions, faith and most importantly what it truly meant to be SINGLE! 

Despite what the world says, being single is not a dis(ease)! It is a meaningful season if you allow it. It is the foundation for marriage, the preparation for purpose and the season where you can spend an immense amount of time in the presence of God without distraction. 

I thought I would compile a list of books I read when I was single that helped me learn so much! 

1.    Waiting and Dating by Myles Munroe

This is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite ministers in the world! Dr. Myles Munroe gives you the clear, biblical meaning of dating while Christian. He breaks down the purpose of dating, the myths of finding the "one," discerning the right life-partner, courtship and more. This is my top book for singles! AND I found a free PDF online. You. Are. Welcome. 


2.    The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

I honestly can't say enough about this book! Pastor Keller breaks down the vision of marriage according to the bible. Michael and I read this book together when we were courting. Every single, married couple, skeptic, or longtime married couple should read this book! 

3.    Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy

I love this book and I absolutely love Leslie Ludy’s ministry! This is a powerful, candid, conversational book in which she gives you a vision for what is contrary to what we see in today’s society as femininity. This book is not the same old mediocre message you’ve always heard. It’s radical and convicting. When I first read this book, I was offended and those are the types of books I continue to read! 

4.    The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Whew! I can’t say enough about this book. Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved. It truly prepared me to understand the differences in love even before I met Michael. I love how Dr. Gary Chapman combines his faith and years as a relationship counselor to help men and women understand the differences. It’s a book everyone should have in their library. 

5.    Having a Mary’s Heart in a Martha’s World by Joanna Weaver

This book has nothing to do with marriage but everything to do with YOU as an individual. The tools I read in this book are helping me now as a married woman.  Like Mary, I long to sit at the Lord’s feet but demands of a wife won’t leave me alone. Like Martha, I love Jesus and really want to serve Him...yet sometimes struggle with weariness, and feelings of inadequacy. I recommend this book for all women! 

Share below some books you’ve read!