I Help Women of Faith Elevate their Professional Career & Influence
— Ashley Joy

2018 Strategy Session 

Do you have some massive goals for your life, career, and business in the next 12 months, but don’t know exactly how to make them happen?

Do you want hands-on input and partnership as you strategize your career change, build your business, develop products and services?

Do you have an idea for a book or series of content that you want to flesh out in detail?

Do you want to explore the thread that ties your story together, and communicate it through your personal and company brand?


During this 60-minute, high-impact phone or Skype Strategy Session, we dive deep, fast, into what’s really getting in your way because I can guarantee it’s not what you think. Once we quiet the noise and determine where you’re sabotaging yourself, we craft a clear action plan so you can get down to business and create some serious momentum.

To best benefit from this session, come to the call prepared with a specific challenge you’re facing so we can dive right in. You’ll be amazed at how much ground we cover in one session.

Don't want to do it alone? No worries! I have a special for you and your accountability partner. We will dedicate 60 minutes to each woman on the call. Followed up with tips on how you can better support each other. 

This session is for women who:

  •  are seeking clarity about the direction of their life
  •  have entered a new phase of life and not sure what their next step is
  •  want to instigate positive and sustainable changes to their lifestyle
  • want to take a deep dive into making things happen in 2018

Sessions are held Monday-Thursday, from 9 am-8 pm CST. Starting Monday, December 18, until slots are full. Once payment is made, you will receive access to Ashley Joy calendar within 24 hours. Please email info@ashleyjoyspeaks.com for questions. 

Price: $150 for individual 

Price: $250 For Two People (Bestie Special!) 2-Hour Strategy Session

1:1 Coaching 

This VIP package is ideal for the woman who wants more and is tired of not living a purposeful life! This is a life makeover package! Dedicated to the high achiever in any woman who is desires to raise the bar and set the highest expectation or herself. Transformation will be in the overall mission and purpose of this intensive package in order to gain clarity and habits to changing your path is a way that is distinctly aligned with your true spirit.

I accept two clients quarterly. 

During your 7 x 60 minute private sessions with Ashley, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of your current life situation
  • Clearly identify your true motivations for change
  • Reconnect with who you truly are at your core, what you stand for, what you value, what you are passionate about and your unique strength profile
  • Discover and develop of your life purpose statement
  • Assess how aligned your life is to your desired life and life purpose theme (Point A to Point B)
  • Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and live fearlessly 
  • Find out what your gift back to the world is
  • Be supported to create a life in true alignment with the inherent truth of your heart 
  • Develop tools to allow you to continue to develop your life's purpose and reintegrate your purpose into your life
  • Be supported by Ashley on a weekly basis that ensure you continue on the path to success
  • Receive inspiring information personally selected to assist you on your life purpose journey
  • Email check-ins as required each week


Leadership Coaching

As a leadership strategist I, inspire and empower executives, employees and businesses to new ways of thinking in order to create a level of consistent high performance - all with the intention of maximizing organizational success.

Executive coaching is a strategic business tool that helps the company or organization and all its employees (from executives to assistants) reach that next level. Just like an elite athletic coach, a corporate coach is essential to achieve business goals and create a structure, and environment of continued success.

Organizations that invest in coaching encourages a mission minded staff and find significant profit to their bottom line.

You and I both know that nothing can change until the culture change. 




     Marketing Specialist 

"I have been apart of many professional development seminars throughout my professional career, and I always received the same agenda--here are some tools, my book, they simulate my life, give me best practices, and tell me to sign up for their next tour.  However,  my team and I have were blessed to have a professional development facilitated by Ashley Joy Sutton, and I must say she's the real deal. This young woman is not only clothed with integrity and knowledge, but she's passionate about Empowering women so that we may function in our highest God-given potential. Mrs. Sutton doesn't simulate she activates and break down barriers that easily confine and define us as women; but then she quickly rebuilds with love, The Word, and professional tools for success. 


Such an inspiration!"


 Author | Speaker | Coach

I had the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with Ashley Joy. Ashley has inspired me to push toward my purpose by using action statements. She encouraged me to overcome my self-doubts, and step out on faith. Since our session in January, I've had triple the amount of speaking engagements I expected, and started my own L.L.C. Thank you so much Ashley. Keep being an inspiration to all women. 


Wendy Magee, Speak Up Ministries    www.wendymagee.org                                     Founder, Optimize Y.O.U.            





Author | Writer | Speaker

“It can be hard to receive correction and encouragement in the same breath, but Ashley has a gift with this. Ashley helped me to own my voice as a writer. She challenged me in many different areas, but encouragement always followed so I was never left feeling as if my purpose and calling was too far from me. After my coaching session, I was able to lock in my writing schedule and stick to it, knock out 3 more chapters of my book, step into public speaking, and simply feel more empowered in my calling and to walk boldly in it.  The investment into coaching was worth more than the return because I got farther this year in my goals than I have in years prior! 


Thank you Ashley for helping me walk into such a time as this.” 

Terasha Burrell
Founder, Scar on my Forehead www.scaronmyforehead.com