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Ashley Joy is an extraordinary, well-rounded woman living her life by design. As a sought after speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, and women’s empowerment advocate she joyfully moves throughout the world passionately fulfilling her God-ordained purpose and calling in life- inspiring people to live and operate in their full purpose and potential.

As a non-profit and communications professional, who helps organizations get clear on their message to the world and facilitates workshops within the corporate, nonprofit, education, and faith-based sectors. Ashley focuses her training on crisis communications, media interview training, leadership communications, and executive presence. Additionally, Ashley lived and traveled throughout Europe for several years working as a sales and communication manager. Her innate passion for social, cultural and community issues along with her dynamic personality have enabled her to blaze new trails and emerge as a well-respected leader.

Ashley Joy’s mission in empowering women has opened doors of opportunity for her to travel to other countries, including West and South Africa and throughout the US, creating a global platform to dialogue and inspire women to maximize their potential and live a fulfilled life. Her unique presence and creative flair expressed through her writing and speaking, are captivating and make her relatable to young ladies and seasoned women alike. She is a woman whose wisdom, faith, and compassion are evident in all she does, and she unselfishly uses the platforms God has given her to influence and impact those placed in her path positively.

Ashley earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Wilberforce University in Ohio and held a Master’s degree in Multi-Media communications with an emphasis in Journalism from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

Ashley currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her loving and supportive husband and daughter. An author of two books, "She Laughs,” a devotional and "Dreams of Joy: Encountering An Unfailing God and His Unfailing Love” which can be purchased on In addition, she continues to travel across the globe, using her credentials, creativity, and credibility to share her message of hope and inspiration to the masses and be a force of change along the way!


What I Believe




I believe every single human being on this earth was created on purpose for purpose. We have a reason for existing and until purpose is found, you will never be fulfilled with any job, relationship, role or calling outside your reason for existing.




I believe we as humans have untapped potential. The best of who are has not been touched. I believe potential is the greatest discovery of purpose. Everyday we have the ability to be better, seek more knowledge, get healthier and become greater at whatever skill you want to master.




I believe we as humans have a responsibility to impact the people who we are connected too. That influence is not reserve for those who money and power, but for everyone who have a message they want to share with the world. We have a sphere of influence


Ashley Speaks!

Ashley Joy has spent years empowering, educating and encouraging the masses to walk confidently in their purpose and maximize their full potential. She has been invited to speak at major corporations to churches, universities, non-profit, and retreats. 

Ashley has facilitated workshops and discussions on branding, leadership, women and youth empowerment, and individual life coaching that can lead to successful futures. With her engaging and energetic personality, mixed with her southern accent, Ashley connects with her audiences immediately and delivers practical content that can be used in multiple settings. 

Ashley is available for workshops, panels, commencement ceremonies, corporate engagements, and keynote address.