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Embracing Homemaking with Natasha Miller

SHOW NOTES: Episode 5

Welcome back to the Born Influencer Podcast! On today’s episode, I am chatting with my good friend, Natasha Miller. Natasha is a daughter of God, wife to Jamal, a mother to her three girls, the founder of Motherhood Mondays and the Her Freedom Podcast, and a Modern Day Homemaker. Alongside her husband, she co-founded “The One University” which is a membership site that helps singles prepare for a Godly marriage.

Natasha and I are chatting today about what it means to be a Modern Day Homemaker. Natasha shares with us how that name began. She always says she wants to be Mama Natasha when she is older. She explains that she loves her home, husband, and children and she sees the importance of being present and intentional with her family. Natasha and I chat about how the word homemaker can sometimes have a negative view but how she turned it around and is using it for the glory of God in her own home. She explains how she wants to put a modern spin on it and love marriage and motherhood with God at the center.

Natasha and I chat about how ambition is so great but that we don’t want to run our businesses and our lives at the expense of our family. We chat about how your worth is not defined in the things that you do. There are different seasons of life and we should welcome, accept, and be content with those different seasons of life. Natasha encourages us to take a step back and assess of what is working and what is not in your life right now and focus on God and family through the midst of it all!

Be sure to tune in to hear all of the value that this episode has in store for you!

Thank you so much for listening! Connect with me on Instagram @borninfluencerpodcast or @ashleyjoyspeaks or send me an email at: Please leave a review! I would love to hear what you loved about this episode!


  • What it means to be a Modern Day Homemaker

  • Being sure not to run your business and life at the expense of family

  • How your worth is not defined by the things that you do

  • Different seasons of life

  • Keeping God and family at the center of all that you do



Welcome to The Born Influencer Podcast. This podcast is for women of faith who have a big vision for their lives and desire to grow their influence in leadership, wellness, career, business, and family.

Your host, Ashley Joy, will bring experts living their lives by design and influencing others along the way to discuss how you can do the same!

Ashley Joy is a certified life and leadership coach, also known as the belief coach, who teaches women how to find belief in themselves, overcome limiting thoughts, and become bold leaders!

Additionally, Ashley's mission in empowering women has opened doors of opportunity for her to speak and facilitate workshops in West and South Africa and throughout the USA, creating a global platform to dialogue and inspire women. Ashley is a 2x author, keynote speaker, and communications consultant.

Connect with Ashley on IG: @ashleyjoyspeaks



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