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Redefining Success

What does success look like to you? It is it a luxurious car, nice home, or making six figures in your business? Today I want to talk with you about what it looks like to redefine success. To redefine success, I really thought about what the Bible days about success.

In this episode, I outline 5 areas in my life that I have found success. These 5 areas are not what the world would call success but it where I have redefined success in my own life.

1. My faith

When thinking of my values, first and foremost I think of my faith. I have gotten connected to God through reading the Word. I want to be connected with God through my faith and know what God is saying to me through the Bible.

2. My family life

I spend time with family and put my family as a priority. I am the manger and maker of my home. My husband is a leader and provider. I want to make sure my home is a place where my family spends time together and can rest and have peace and thrive.

3. Great health habits

I want to take care of the body that God has given me. I want to treat it well. When I take my vitamins, work out, walk, read, I feel the difference.

4. Relationships

My greatest wealth on this earth is through my relationships with others. I find so much success through these relationships.

5. Through my calling, purpose, and assignment for each season of my life

This one was a struggle for me. I had to lay down societal standards and focus on what God wants to do in my life and where He wants me to go. I want to be in alignment with that God has for me.

Those are the 5 areas that I have found success in my life. Where have you found success in your life? I would love to hear all about it on Instagram: @ashleyjoyspeaks or @borninfluencerpodcast. Thank you so much for listening today! Please leave a review! I would love to hear what you loved about this episode!


  • What does redefining success mean

  • The 5 areas of my life that I have found success

  • What the Bible defines as success



Welcome to The Born Influencer Podcast. This podcast is for women of faith who have a big vision for their lives and desire to grow their influence in leadership, wellness, career, business, and family.

Your host, Ashley Joy, will bring experts living their lives by design and influencing others along the way to discuss how you can do the same!

Ashley Joy is a certified life and leadership coach, also known as the belief coach, who teaches women how to find belief in themselves, overcome limiting thoughts, and become bold leaders!

Additionally, Ashley's mission in empowering women has opened doors of opportunity for her to speak and facilitate workshops in West and South Africa and throughout the USA, creating a global platform to dialogue and inspire women. Ashley is a 2x author, keynote speaker, and communications consultant.

Connect with Ashley on IG: @ashleyjoyspeaks



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