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Rested and Relevant with Khalia Wilkinson

SHOW NOTES: Episode 3

On today’s episode I am chatting with my good friend Khalia Wilkinson. I met Khalia seven years ago when I started going to my current church. She was a woman God called into my life and she embraced me and built me up. Khalia is a counselor and women’s minister. She is also a fashion model that is multi-agency represented and a published author. Khalia is a mom of 3 and a wife. She shares so much wisdom with us today, particularly on the topic of being “rested and relevant”.

So what does it mean to be rested and relevant?

Khalia shares that being rested and relevant is an ongoing lesson. She explains that it is so important that we are intentional about getting our rest but also being believing that we are relevant no matter what season we are in. It is important to find purpose (relevance) in all stages of life. To the woman at home right now who is trying to find herself and where her identity is…Khalia says that she would encourage you to present. Don’t look too far ahead or too far behind. Don’t miss the moments with your family. Capture these moments (not necessarily on camera), but capture these moments and be present.

How can wellness help us to be rested and relevant?

Khalia and I chat about the wellness tips that a woman can implement to help us remain in a rested state. We chat about how important it is to learn to be present and not rush through the day. Be mindful of what you are watching on TV, who you are following on social media, or what your physical activity looks like and even what you are putting into your body. Khalia explains that it impacts your every day. She says to sit down and listen to your inner self. It’s an inward connection that will help you slow down, drink water, and take a break.

How can we be influencers while being rested and relevant?

Khalia explains that you cannot pour from an empty cup and that you can’t grow or influence if you haven’t sat down and been honest about who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Write down what you want and start taking steps towards that thing. Focus on you and then focus on pushing forward and helping others.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation today with Khalia. I hope that this episode encouraged you to be “rested and relevant’!

If this episode resonated with you, connect with me on Instagram (@borninfluencerpodcast) and tell me about it! I would love to hear from you.


  • What is rested and relevant?

  • Wellness tips to continue to be rested and relevant

  • How can we influence while being rested and relevant?



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