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Welcome to the Born Influencer Podcast!

SHOW NOTES: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Born Influencer Podcast! I am so extremely grateful and happy that you decided to listen in today. I want to say thank you for being here today. It has been such a long dream of mine to start this podcast. I am a speaker, author, and a writer. I am also a life and leadership coach in my industry.

It is so important to me to speak to you, to the heart of every woman who is caring a vision and a dream. That’s what this podcast is about, for the woman of faith who has extraordinary vision.

I added a faith component in because you have to have some level of faith to believe that there is a bigger vision and dream for your life. This podcast is dedicated to the heart of each of you.

I also wanted to make sure I inserted the word influencer because I believe that we are called to influence in our generation. We may look at celebrities or a woman who has has a lot of followers on social media and look at these select few people as born influencers, but it is so important for me to make every woman understand that we are all called to be an influence. We all are called to be influencers in the path and career that God has called us to. There is something inside of you that someone needs and that you are called to rise up and influence in that area.

So on this podcast, you are going to hear me talk a lot about being an influencer. What does it look like to be an influencer? What does it look like to influence with the abilities that God has given you? You are going to hear me talk about faith, purpose, and vision. You are going to hear me interview experts who are leading in their careers, business, wellness, those leading at home with their families.

I am so excited and extremely happy for this moment because it has been a dream of mine that I have put off but I know this year is the year of possibilities. I’m so happy to take each of you on this journey with me.

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I’m so excited to do this with all of you. Until next time!


  • Welcome to the Born Influencer Podcast!

  • What this podcast means and how it can help you

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Connect with me on Instagram: @borninfluencerpodcast


Welcome to The Born Influencer Podcast. This podcast is for women of faith who have a big vision for their lives and desire to grow their influence in leadership, wellness, career, business, and family.

Your host, Ashley Joy, will bring experts living their lives by design and influencing others along the way to discuss how you can do the same!

Ashley Joy is a certified life and leadership coach, also known as the belief coach, who teaches women how to find belief in themselves, overcome limiting thoughts, and become bold leaders!

Additionally, Ashley's mission in empowering women has opened doors of opportunity for her to speak and facilitate workshops in West and South Africa and throughout the USA, creating a global platform to dialogue and inspire women. Ashley is a 2x author, keynote speaker, and communications consultant.

Connect with Ashley on IG: @ashleyjoyspeaks



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